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Equity Trading

Danatama has shown its presence in the stock trading business since the very beginning of its establishment. We have more than two decades of experience in executing comprehensive research, careful selection of equity, and giving out recommendations for and on behalf of investors. Through years of nurturing long-term relationships with customers and a dedication to always providing a close and personalized service customized to meet the unique their needs, we have attaained our present reputation and position in the industry.

In a business where trust is indispensable, Danatama is prepared to spend quality time to advice each and every client, personally and attentively. Being a reliable investment partner, we take pride in the investment successes of our customers. As a progressive securities broker with an intention to expand our market-share, Danatama cannot afford to bear the cost of customers’ dissatisfaction. That is why we are striving to provide them with a high level of personalized service that, over the years, clients have come to expect from us. It is also the reason we provide our staff with knowledge and information on major developments in the capital markets, both at home and abroad, to keep them well informed and updated at all times and to ensure reliable and updated advises are circulated to investors when dealing with stocks or equities.

Debt Trading

Danatama deals and trades in a whole range of fixed-income securities including bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds and its derivatives. Our widespread network among Indonesia’s leading securities firms and abroad puts us in an ideal position to tap into the lucrative bonds markets of a reemerging Asia. Since the Asian financial crisis of 1997, astute bond investors have learned that the bonds market in Indonesia has risen from the midst of the financial crisis and was overflowing with a bundle of lucrative investment opportunities related to bank re-capitalization, corporate debt refinancing, financial restructuring, distressed assets foreclosures and many others.

Now, as the Asian market recovers from the turbulence of global financial crisis and continuously accelerates to gain the upper hand of the momentum, opportunities in debt markets have increased even more. Danatama continues to strengthen its position in bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds and its derivatives, complementing its already solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy dealer and trader of equities. Our bond trading desk combines comprehensive research findings with sophisticated risk management techniques to precisely identify buying and selling opportunities in investment-grade bonds as well as attractive valuation for fixed-income instruments.