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Capital Raising

Throughout its existence in the industry, Danatama has played a significant role in numerous occasions assisting companies and institutions in Indonesia in raising more than US$10 billion of capital through the placement of equities, bonds and convertible bonds.

We are also capable in raising capital through private placement, structured finance, strategic advisory or financial advisory. As a firm that has dealt with securities placement since 1992, Danatama provides both a wealth of experience and extensive networking among local and international investors to ensure that capital raising is nothing less than an uncomplicated and rewarding experience for our discerning clients.

Equity Placement

Danatama’s exposure to equity placements is as complete as it is extensive. Ever since we gained our securities underwriting license over more than a decade ago, we have participated in numerous underwritings of equities for companies from various industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, retail, mining, pharmaceuticals, agro-industry and many more. Our strategy to reaching success in equity placement combines both extensive and accurate equity research with strong equity distribution to ensure a successful underwriting.

Debt Placement

Danatama deals and trades in a whole range of fixed-income securities including bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds and its derivatives. Our widespread network among Indonesia’s leading securities firms and abroad puts us in an ideal position to tap into the lucrative bonds markets of a reemerging Asia. Since the Asian financial crisis of 1997, astute bond investors have learned that the bonds market in Indonesia has risen from the midst of the financial crisis and was overflowing with a bundle of lucrative investment opportunities related to bank re-capitalization, corporate debt refinancing, financial restructuring, distressed assets foreclosures and many others.

Now, as the Asian market recovers from the turbulence of global financial crisis and continuously accelerates to gain the upper hand of the momentum, opportunities in debt markets have increased even more. Danatama continues to strengthen its position in bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds and its derivatives, complementing its already solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy dealer and trader of equities. Our bond trading desk combines comprehensive research findings with sophisticated risk management techniques to precisely identify buying and selling opportunities in investment-grade bonds as well as attractive valuation for fixed-income instruments.

Corporate Finance

In corporate finance advisory services, Danatama has proven to be a reliable partner in giving professional and workable advises to numerous companies from a broad range of industrial sectors that have been particularly affected by the recent financial crisis in Indonesia.

In addition, we have also encompassed a solid and proven track record in advising companies to achieve their financial objectives with prudent and effective financing strategies which utilize the extensive opportunities offered by the capital market.

As the Indonesian economy continues to recover at an accelerated rate compared to the rest of the world, we are confident that a growing number of Indonesian companies will engage in funding through the capital market to finance their future growth. Danatama is able, willing and ready to provide these companies with premier corporate finance advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, equity financing, project finance, and asset-backed securities.

Financial Restructuring

Today, in this era of post-crisis recovery and re-emerging business opportunities in Indonesia, many companies are forced to resort to financial restructuring to better position themselves in grabbing opportunities provided by the continuously improved business climate and potential future growth. Danatama is ideally positioned and more than ready to take advantage of this new business environment through its flexible, customized and innovative restructuring plans.

Our highly acclaimed reputation for innovative financial restructuring and solutions has placed us among the top investment banks that are fully engaged and successful in Indonesia’s financial and banking restructuring programs. In the most recent bank loan assets disposal program of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency, Danatama ranked second among the twenty largest institutional investors which participated in the credit disposal program.

Mergers & Aquisition

Danatama also envisions a bundle of opportunities in mergers and acquisitions in the post-crisis economic recovery of Indonesia. In fact, M&A deals have been acknowledged as viable solutions for market expansion and in acquiring new growth opportunities in lean and challenging times.

With our extensive network that extends globally to some of the world’s leading financial centers, we possess the competence and knowledge to advice on major cross-border M&A transactions.